• Spa Services

    Sauna, facial, and massage are some of the therapies you can benefit greatly from.



    Infrared Sauna



    Common in Eastern Europe, Asia and Finland, infrared sauna is a powerful practice that serves as a catalyst to improve your physical, emotional, and neurological health.


    Research indicates the direct effect sauna heat has on blood pressure, heart rate, and vascular health.


    Improved physical performance and endurance, increased red blood cell production, mitochondrial biogenesis and improved brain health are additional benefits for those who use a sauna consistently.


    One 20-30 minute session...$35.00

    Package of three 30 minute sessions...$95.00


    Call us at 479 878 0016 to schedule your sauna sessions.


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    Angie Vanderpool licensed massage therapist

    Angie Vanderpool licensed massage therapist


    Massage Therapy

    All massages include optional hot towels and diffused Young Living essential oils.


    Relaxation Massage

    Light to medium pressure for relaxation


    60 minutes . . . $95

    90 minutes . . . $135


    Therapeutic Massage

    Cranial Sacral, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic and Custom

    30 minutes . . . $62.50

    60 minutes . . . $110

    90 minutes . . . $157.50



    Pre-massage infrared sauna . . . $30


    Prenatal massage 60 minutes . . . $100


    Chair Massage . . .$1 per minute

  • Facials

    Our mission is to bring you a unique experience by combining holistic beauty and wellness services.


    Stephanie Williams, esthetician

    Stephanie Williams, esthetician



    Classic Facial 


    60 minutes . . . $100 or $130 for 90 minutes.


    Deep cleanse, exfoliation, hot towels, mask, and massage of the face, arms, and decolette included.


    Lunch time facial 


    . . . $65 for 30 minutes.


    Deep cleanse, exfoliation, hot towels, mask, and massage of the face included in this 30 minute spa experience.



    Back facial 


    . . . $65 for 45 minutes


    Treat your back to a cleansing, soothing massage, exfoliation, hot towels mask and extractions as needed.



    Gentleman's Hot Towel facial


    ...$105 for 60 minutes


    This deep pore cleansing facial uses our organic male skincare. Enjoy hot towels, exfoliation and massage

    to the face, neck, and shoulders.





    . . . $195.00


    This is the ultimate anti-aging treatment. A hydrating hyaluronic acid serum is used as a glide on top of the skin while 36 needles penetrate the epidermis. This rebuilds the skin by producing collagen and elastin.


    Ask about our Reiki Gua Sha, and waxing.







    . . . $35.00 and up


    Removes dead skin cells and vellus hair (aka Peach fuzz), exfoliates and helps with smoother makeup application.



    . . . $75.00


    This technique uses a gentle sanding instrument to treat age spots, acne, fine lines and wrinkles, and helps to thicken collagen resulting in a younger looking complexion.


    Facial Peel  

    . . . $35 and up


    This procedure applies a chemical solution to remove top layers of skin allowing smoother new skin to emerge.


    Revitalizing Eye Mask


    $35 for 15 minutes.





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